First post

New year, new… thing? I’ve talked way too much about how social media sucks and yet it’s where I put way too much of my thoughts… and my journal isn’t really a good place for that, either, being that it’s more personal.

I’ve tried various blogs before — too many times, arguably — but this time hopefully I can keep things going by focusing mostly on what I’m doing, and have something to show for it beyond a link to a tweet or two.

Here’s to 2019.

2 thoughts on “First post”

  1. I hope this endeavour and 2019 go well for you.

    Do you think you might put thoughts for non-project stuff on here like you did with that horror game on your journal?

    1. I dunno yet! I’m thinking that I’ll still keep those kinds of posts to my journal and just keep this blog for thoughts on my projects (and tangentially related stuff). I do want to work on my journal more, though! I think this year’s resolution is really just going to be “write more”.

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